Our team has

  • Decades of experience with industry, regulatory agencies, and environmental agencies

  • National and international reputation

  • Global engagement & international markets

  • Technical expertise in video analytics & machine learning


  Geoff Tuck is a Senior Research Scientist in the CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Business Unit in Hobart, Tasmania. Geoff has had significant management and project leadership roles, and has influenced Australian and international policy. Geoff is a trusted advisor to industry and managers, and is internationally recognised as an expert in seabird-fisheries interactions. These qualifications have led to Geoff being a member of several national and international fisheries and seabird advisory bodies. Geoff is committed to seeing improvements to our marine living resources through the integration of advanced marine technologies into management.
 Dadong Wang is the leader of the CSIRO Quantitative Imaging Research Team, part of the CSIRO Data61. He has extensive experience and a track record in developing end-to-end imaging and image analysis solutions, and collaborating with partners to bring them to market.
 Brenda Lin is an interdisciplinary scientist, examining the complex interactions between humans and their environment. Much of this research is highly applied with the hope that the research will inform on future public policy and help create resilient socio-ecological systems.
Rich Little is a Senior Research Scientist and Research Group Leader in Fisheries Assessment and Economics in CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, based in Hobart, Australia. His research specialises in modelling population dynamics, economics, risk management and decision-making in natural resource and marine environmental science.
   Cat is the Global Relationship Manager (Business Development & Commercialisation) @ CSIRO. She is passionate about connecting people to realise great scientific leaps. With a background in environmental engineering and urban planning, she also brings diverse knowledge from her 10yrs+ working in the water policy, climate, mining environment & technology sectors. Cat is supporting the team in building a strong Global market strategy and board international network.