About MVT

Sustainable seafood solutions

Like wine and beef, seafood provenance is an issue for consumers who want to know the source of their seafood, whether it was caught sustainably, or indeed whether it is really the type of fish the vendor says it is.

Although cameras are increasingly installed on fishing vessels to monitor what is being caught, the video data is labour-intensive to manually watch. MVT is developing AI algorithms to the extensive data to “see” what is caught, identify where and when, and stores the information. This improves fisheries management and provides greater transparency in the seafood supply chain to ensure environmental sustainability while saving time and money.

Bringing together expertise in fisheries management, marine conservation, ecology, software engineering and global marketing, MVT doesn’t stop at setting sustainable catch levels. It is developing technologies that also offer seafood producers the ability to monitor and manage their product throughout the supply chain.

MVT was developed through the ON Program. Get in touch to find out how MVT can help you.

Image of pink snapper

Our automated species identification system uses cutting edge deep-learning algorithms to capture information on species, size, colour, fishery, boat name, capture location, time and storage room temperature, followed by transport to fish co-ops, wholesalers, and then to retailers.