P-Wave Velocity

Pressure waves (P-waves) can be induced in a core using a piezoelectric crystal mounted to a piston. The velocity of the induced wave travelling through the core gives an indication of the bulk modulus (K), the shear modulus (G) and the density (ρ) of the material.

The MSCL has a reciprocation piston p-wave transducer which can measure the p-wave velocity of unlined whole rock cores with diameters between 50 and 150mm. The sensor is designed to maximise the signal to noise ratio and suppress internal ringing and back radiation.

The sensor has a centre frequency of 230kHz and a Q-factor of less than 3.5. A high signal-to-noise ratio means that measurements are precise, repeatable and can be automated.

For more information about the P-wave velocity sensor see the Geotek website: P-wave Velocity – Geotek Ltd.