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Powder manipulation technology

CSIRO has developed a low cost powder manipulation (PM) technology to directly modify titanium/titanium alloy sponge without the need for expensive hydride-de-hydride (HDH) or Gas Atomisation (GA) process for manufacturing powders for Additive Manufacturing (AM) applications.

Adapting powder manipulation technology for Industry

CSIRO scientists initially developed the technology to reduce the cost of titanium powder feedstock for cold spray application but found the technology could be applied more broadly across the manufacturing industry including powder metallurgy and additive manufacturing (AM), thus increasing the affordability of 3D print metal parts. The PM Technology is a patented single step process that can be designed for batch or continuous powder processing.

Benefits of the CSIRO PM Technology are:

  • Production of low cost titanium powder for AM application is possible
  • Powder morphology enhancement to improve flowability on a powder bed and blown feed system
  • Process can be controlled to produce a large variety of powder size and distribution to suit various AM applications
  • Enhanced pack and powder densities are achieved
  • Milling is conducted in a safe environment to minimise fire/explosion when manufacturing fine powder
  • Process can be designed for batch or continuous powder making

Case studies

Powder manipulation technology