We are focused on expanding the national value chain from ‘ore to more’, building on Australia’s top ranking reserves of ore using our wide-ranging expertise in additive manufacturing and other metal related manufacturing technologies. We are also passionate about protecting infrastructure from ionic reactions such as corrosion by designing tailor-made alloys and protection systems. Our research and development is geared towards developing innovation-driven industries that can thrive in Australia’s high-cost economy and can competitively supply global markets.

Catalytic Static Mixer

The formidable synergy that exists between our ore related expertise and the downstream manufacturing know-how places us in a unique position to deliver a strong outcome for Australian industries. Our strong track record in delivering metal protection solutions to world-leading aerospace companies places us amongst the best in the business. Our world class modelling and simulation capabilities help us with optimising products and processes to the benefit of our customers. The state-of-the-art Lab 22 – Australia’s Centre for Additive Innovation provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to engage with us in the additive manufacturing space and trial our equipment. Our patented novel titanium powder production process has progressed to pilot scale with our commercial partner. Our suite of licensable technologies and an assistance package to small and medium (SME) industries provide an ideal starting point for setting up business.