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Arcam electron beam metal 3D printer

Our Arcam electron beam facility provides an excellent opportunity to have metal parts 3D printed at reasonably high rates of productivity in a range of materials. Specifications of our Arcam A1 model are as follows:

Two macines, the Arcam A1 e-beam machine. One with display screen and the other with start stop button.
Arcam A1 e-beam machine
  • Electron beam fusion power bed
  • 200 × 200 × 180 (mm) chamber build volume
  • 50 – 3000W beam power
  • Good part roughness Ra 25-35µm (Rt˜300µm)
  • 55-80cm3/h build rate (Ti-64)
  • High purity vacuum melting (<1×10-4bar)
  • Low residual stress
  • Standard Arcam materials (Ti-64, Ti-64 ELI, CoCr, CP Ti)
  • Prototyping, customising, topology & design optimisation, light-weighting
  • Batch process that runs between $4k and $10k (less when combining multiple builds)
  • Depends on part volumes and quantity in chamber
Metallic rings with grooves around edges. Presumably for crank like function. Impeller vanes
Impeller vanes
Flow manifold
Flow manifold
Aesthetic structures
Aesthetic structures