Research areas

We develop science solutions for:

Indicators of biodiversity change

Combining ongoing data-streams with biodiversity modelling, we provide indicators of recent change in biodiversity, from local to global scales.

Conservation assessment & planning

Partnering with Government agencies, NGOs and international bodies, to inform effective conservation policy, planning and management through the provision of targeted biodiversity models and analyses.

Environmental accounting

Comprehensive, rigorous and regular accounting for changes in the status of biodiversity as a whole, aligned with the international System of Environmental-Economic Accounting.

Future scenarios for biodiversity

Helping to plan for the future by projecting likely outcomes for biodiversity under alternative scenarios of management actions and global change.

Biodiversity impact assessment

Working with industry to improve the assessment of potential impacts of proposed developments on biodiversity, including cumulative impact assessments across large regions.

Habitat condition and landuse

Developing methods and datasets to more accurately quantify land-use change and habitat condition, across Australia and around the world.