The Labs of the Future Symposium is made possible by funding from the CSIRO’s Research Office, and is supported by the Future Science & Technology team in the office of CSIRO’s Chief Scientist.

The content and delivery of the symposium has been made possible through the diligence and effort of the following CSIRO staff members.

Scientific/Content Organising Committee Logistics Organising Committee
  • Adcock, Matt (Data61)*
  • Bean, Andrew (Health & Biosecurity)*
  • Dodanwela, Roshan (CSIRO Central Engineering)*
  • Fisher, Louise (Mineral Resources)*
  • Fung, Kim (Health & Biosecurity)*
  • Holowko, Maciej (Land & Water)
  • Howard, Shaun (Manufacturing)*
  • Juodelyte, Lina (CSIRO Sustainability)

  • Lau, Deborah (Oceans & Atmosphere)*

  • Locke, Warwick (Health & Biosecurity)*
  • Muir, Ben (Manufacturing)
  • Mulet, Xavier (Manufacturing)*
  • Wright, Karen (CSIRO Capital Projects)​

*named on the original proposal

  • Doran, Tim (CSIRO Future Science & Technology, Health & Biosecurity)
  • Foster, Nigel (CSIRO Future Science & Technology)
  • Hall, Kirsty (CSIRO Future Science & Technology)
  • Krishna-Pillay, Chris (CSIRO People)
  • Nicoll, Roger (CSIRO Corporate Affairs)
  • Tearall, Liz (Office of CSIRO’s Chief Scientist)
  • Zrna, Sharyn (CSIRO Future Science & Technology)