Update: that’s a wrap!  

Our live symposium has now finished, but the conversation is still ongoing. Thanks to amazing panel of speakers (from 8 countries and 9 time zones) who shared their insights on how tech, practices, and future trends will impact our Labs of the Future.   Our team is working to make the symposium content available for registered attendees, and we’ll be in contact via email soon.  Please check back here for more information in the coming days.

Virtual Symposium: October 5-7 2021  

If you have any questions or feedback for the organisers, please email LotFSymposium@csiro.au.

The CSIRO Labs of the Future Symposium seeks to bring together thought leaders from around the world, together with our partners in government, industry and academia to build a dialogue about the research ecosystem of the future, and how we can work together to create labs, infrastructure, and tools that will enable the next generation of scientists to innovate and collaborate in new ways.

Dates and Times

Tuesday 5 – Thursday 7 October, 2021


No cost.

The CSIRO is supporting this symposium to catalyse discussion about the future of our laboratory environments, and foster dialogue between our staff and our colleagues from other institutions.


This will be a fully virtual event. Where possible, recordings and transcriptions will be made available to registered attendees.