Truscreen is one of our amazing tenants at the Lindfield Collaboration Hub

January 5th, 2023

TruScreen is a real-time, AI-enabled cervical screening device for the detection of pre-cancerous and cancerous cervical cells. As well as being highly accurate, the TruScreen system provides an instant report, thus preventing the risk of losing contact with the patient because of the delay associated with transportation of samples to laboratories for analysis and reporting. This is particularly important in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) – key markets for TruScreen.

TruScreen is an objective, self-checking digital system that can be used with minimal training by medical or paramedical staff, and without the infrastructure and resource costs associated with cytology-based screening. Specifics include:

►TruScreen uses optical and electrical measurements to detect cellular changes of the cervix

►AI-enabled algorithm analyses patient’s measurements to determine if cervical tissue is normal or abnormal

►Immediate result provided at point of screening

The TruScreen Company has offices in New Zealand and Europe, and their R&D facility is co-located at the CSIRO Lindfield Collaboration Hub in Sydney, Australia.   Led by Chief Technology Officer Edmond Capcelea, the R&D team develop the key technical diagnostic (front end) component of the Truscreen2 device, involving sophisticated opto-electric and biomedical engineering skills and techniques.

When asked about being co-located at the Lindfield Collaboration Hub, Dr Zhenglin Wang, Manager of Electro-Optical Productions responded, “Our R&D team has been able to establish a dedicated Electro-Optical fabrication facility here at the Lindfield Hub in a quality laboratory environment, we continue to benefit from knowledge sharing with both the CSIRO and other high technology organisations also co-located at the Lindfield site.”

Recent company highlights for TruScreen, include:

► TruScreen is set make its ASX debut in December 2020 and raising $NZ2 million ($1.9 million) in a compliance IPO.

►TruScreen announced the appointment of Ms Victoria Potarina as Chief Executive Officer, commencing March 2020.

►TruScreen cervical cancer screening device acknowledged in Unitaid/WHO report in May 2019 on screening and treatment technologies and advantages of use in low and middle-income countries.

While TruScreen is a valued member our Lindfield Collaboration Hub Community, CSIRO has no formal affiliation with the company, its operations or products so any enquiries or requests for further information should be made directly via