Movandi – On a mission to revolutionise 5G deployment

February 4th, 2023

Movandi, a venture-backed startup commercializing multi-gigabit, 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) networks, is on a mission to revolutionise 5G deployment everywhere.  Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Irvine, California, with a major R&D site in Sydney, Australia, Movandi continues to innovate and grow worldwide, and is now the leading developer of 5G mmWave technology in Australia.

Movandi is breaking through coverage and network challenges of 5G millimeter wave networks. Movandi BeamXR active repeater and system solutions solves today’s real world 5G deployment challenges – by increasing 5G coverage and capacity, while reducing infrastructure costs, accelerating large-scale 5G commercialisation.

Movandi Australia is based at the CSIRO Lindfield Collaboration Hub in Sydney. Mike Boers, previous Managing Director said:

“Being a part of the group of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs at CSIRO Lindfield gives our Movandi Australia team camaraderie, support, and access to facilities and social events they would not otherwise have,” said Boers.  “From a technology perspective, we benefit greatly from having access to an anechoic chamber, RF test equipment and technical experts steps away from our office.”

Together with the CSIRO and the National Measurement Institute, Movandi received a NSW government TechVoucher grant to test mmWave phased arrays. The Movandi team continues to work on characterisation in Sydney, as well as exploring future collaboration opportunities with the CSIRO and local universities.

“The Lindfield Collaboration Hub is strengthened by the synergy of all on-site start-ups including Movandi,” said Katie Green, Project Manager, CSIRO. “Movandi is a welcome addition to CSIRO’s innovative community, adding and sharing high-tech inspiration and collaboration. Movandi’s engineers have been integral in creating the dynamic, entrepreneurial environment of our collaboration hub.”

“Movandi is committed to expanding our 5G presence in Australia, and the Lindfield Collaboration Hub provides a center of excellence that will amplify the critical efforts of our 5G engineering team,” said Maryam Rofougaran, CEO and co-founder of Movandi. “The Movandi Australia team is playing an instrumental role in accelerating breakthrough developments in 5G mmWave technology, and we are proud of their many contributions in solving mmWave coverage and network challenges.”

Movandi has built an entirely new portfolio of patented 5G solutions including RF integrated circuits, antennas and integrated systems for next-generation 5G cellular networks that can be deployed more efficiently and achieve better performance.

Movandi’s goal is to help expedite 5G rollouts based on mmWave technology designed to extend coverage and reduce deployment costs for operators. Movandi is enabling an innovative 5G connectivity fabric that will bring the benefits of high-performance, low-latency connectivity to almost every industry, creating enormous opportunities for economic growth.

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