Connect@Lindfield is a commercialisation program specifically designed for Advanced Manufacturing and Hardware start-ups and SME’sConnect is proudly funded by the CSIRO’s Lindfield Collaboration Hub.

Understand the journey from Prototype to Production – with six face-to-face sessions over eight weeks dedicated to the growth of your company.
Our program is facilitated in a hardware environment overflowing with technical advice, industry coaches/mentors and like minded deep-techpreneurs.

Aside from the opportunity to engage with some of the brightest research minds, the program offers:

• Premium commercialisation course at no cost to you!
• No equity or IP taken! No strings attached.
• Coaching and expertise from leading lean
innovation practitioners.
• Mentors, including key players from the hardware ecosystem.
• Lively and interactive knowledge space priming you for future grant pathways such as the MVP.


How do I Apply?

NO PROGRAMS CURRENTLY RUNNING. When the next program is available, teams are required to fill out an online application which includes a video and Business Model Canvas.
Applications will be evaluated against evidence of:

• Market opportunity
• Competitive strength
• Technology Readiness Level 3 and IP position
• Team strength – diversity, multidisciplinary composition etc.



 Prototype to Production – with six face-to-face sessions over eight weeks dedicated to the growth of your company.

Over eight weeks, this intensive pre-accelerator experience can provide hardware start-ups with the business knowledge, connections and technical expertise to enhance their sustainable business model, seek funding support for runway and apply for further acceleration or incubation.




Some fantastic quotes collected from the 2018, 2019 cohort.

“Connections alone is what makes this program really important to us.” – Quote agreed. (ODL Sleep)

“Going out and talking people – it’s crazy, it’s so good.” – Quote agreed. (ODL Sleep)

“I was about to spend $100,000 on making my product. Luckily I came here and realised what the real pains were.”– Quote agreed (Vloati)

“It’s hard and I feared rejection when I started doing interviews, but I came away remembering my purpose and why I’m going this.”– Quote agreed (Kimiya)




The Lindfield Collaboration Hub’s vision is to support and promote the development of deep tech and hardware innovation in NSW. We do this through various channels – including co-location at our CSIRO Lindfield site, networking events and workshops and programs. Over the past four years, with the ongoing funding support of the NSW Governments Boosting Business Innovation Program and a network of experienced facilitators and mentors, we
have developed the Connect@Lindfield Commercialisation Program. This program’s objective is to take early-stage ideas and through a series of customer discovery interviews, transform ideas into viable
business models.

The Cohort 2020 have proved themselves resilient, agile and innovate especially in these uncertain times.  Click the following link to read about our fantastic teams in 2020 program.  Cohort 2020 Document