Free 8 -week mini accelerator program

Connect@Lindfield is a pre-commercialisation program specifically designed for Advanced Manufacturing and Hardware start-ups and SME’s. We aim to help you identify the best path to market.

What is Connect@Lindfield?

Using the business model canvas as a framework, the program is dedicated to the growth of your Company. It aims to:

DEFINE the problem you are solving.

DISCOVER who your customers are.

DEVELOP your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which can  validate customer needs and demands .

Who is this program for?  

This pre-commercialsation program is specifically designed for Industry. We welcome manufacturing and hardware Start-ups and SME’s.

You dont have to have a PhD or be University affiliated. 

Deep-tech entrepreneurs with an innovative technology will feel right at home in our engineering/ hardware environment.


Why would you want to be part of this CSIRO commercialisation program?

Premium commercialisation course at no cost to you! No equity or IP taken.

Facilitated by expert lean innovation practioners.

Mentors from CSIRO and  the hardware Industry ecosystem.

“Its like having a business coach, cheerleader and  Industry start-up expert sitting on your shoulder for 8 weeks.”

Connect@Lindfield 2023 applications are now closed

Over the past seven years, with the ongoing funding support of the NSW Governments Boosting Business Innovation Program and a network of experienced facilitators and mentors, we have delivered the Connect@Lindfield Commercialisation Program. This program’s objective is to take early-stage ideas and through a series of customer discovery interviews, transform ideas into viable business models.

We aim to change the dial on your thinking and challenge you to validate your innovative technology with your potential customers in the marketplace. 





The Lindfield Collaboration Hub’s vision is to support and promote the development of deep tech and hardware innovation in NSW. We do this through various channels – including co-location at our CSIRO Lindfield site, networking events and workshops and programs.