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HypAR: Exploring Mineralogy Through Hyperspectral Imaging in Augmented Reality

Hyperspectral imaging, as a fast and cheap method of mapping the composition of geological materials, is a key enabler for scientific discoveries in the geosciences. Being able to do this in-situ in real world context, possibly in real time, would be a game changer by enabling accelerated discovery of geological phenomena. This work addresses this important issue by developing an augmented reality application called HypAR that enables in-situ, interactive exploration of mineralogy spatially co-located with rock surfaces. User centred design with regular input from domain experts is deployed to assure the utility and validity of the system.


Dr. Ulrich Engelke, CSIRO Data61
Casey Rogers, Curtin University
Dr. Jens Klump, CSIRO Mineral Resources


2018 – 2019