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Collaborative Data Analytics in Virtual Reality

Immersive analytics allows a large amount of data and complex structures to be concurrently investigated. In this project, we propose a virtual reality based collaborative analytics system that benefits from new advances in immersive technologies for collaborators working in the early stages of data exploration. We implemented a combination of Star Coordinates and Star Plot visualisation techniques to support the visualisation of multidimensional data and the encoding of datasets using simple and compact visual representations. To support data analytics tasks, we propose tools and interaction techniques for users to build decision trees for visualising and analysing data in a top-down method.


Dr. Huyen Nguyen (Lead), University of New South Wales & CSIRO Data61
Benjamin Ward, Murdoch University
Dr. Ulrich Engelke, Decision Sciences, CSIRO Data61
Prof. Bruce Thomas, Wearable Computer Lab, University of South Australia
A/Prof. Tomasz Bednarz, University of New South Wales & CSIRO Data61


2017 – 2018