Standards are critical to ensure facilities are safe, consistent and fit-for-purpose giving businesses and consumers greater peace of mind as Australia’s hydrogen industry grows.

HyStandards has been developed by Standards Australia and CSIRO to provide industry, government and community a means of identifying relevant hydrogen standards through a visual representation of hydrogen facility scenarios. Users can click on parts of each scenario and see a list of the relevant standards, with a description of the scope and a link to purchase a copy of the standard.

Australian standards are presented with a variety of other regional or international standards. However, please refer to Australian regulations where relevant and where conflicts occur.

Standards are updated periodically. Any standards that have been revised/amended since this tool was published are to be taken as the current document.

We will consider adding extra scenarios if HyStandards is found to be useful. To provide feedback, please contact hydrogen_mission@csiro.au .

CSIRO’s hydrogen refuelling station under construction.

Click on the the following scenarios: