HyFAQ: Interactive hydrogen FAQ tool







The Australian Hydrogen Council has led collaborations with the Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water (DCCEEW), state and territory governments and CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission to agree on a common list of  hydrogen frequently asked questions, and develop the Hydrogen FAQ tool – HyFAQ

 HyFAQ is designed as an interactive compendium of information on hydrogen – its basic properties, uses and applications, safety and regulations, and economic impacts and benefits. The resource is intended to be used by – and for the benefit of – research, industry, government and community stakeholders who want to learn more about the role of hydrogen in Australia’s current and future energy mix.

HyFAQ is currently optimised for desktop use. A mobile-friendly version is in development. 

The tool will be updated quarterly. Any information contained is accurate as of 5 December, 2022. 

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to come