HyLearning is a key component of CSIRO’s Hydrogen Knowledge Centre. The Hydrogen Knowledge Centre is a national resource for industry, government and the research community to bring together information about Australia’s hydrogen industry, such as industry and research projects, modelling tools and educational resources.

HyLearning and the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre have been developed by CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission. The Mission will help build Australia’s clean hydrogen industry by scaling demand and driving down hydrogen cost to under $2 per kilogram to deliver a secure and resilient energy system and support our transition to a low emissions future.

The Mission works together with partners to continue to develop and consolidate information to expand HyLearning and the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre to help inform industry development.

Find out more about CSIRO’s hydrogen capabilities at www.csiro.au/hydrogen

HyLearning is a module of the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre. 

Please contact us if you are interested in partnering and co-development