Who we are

CSIRO’s Future Science Platforms

Future Science Platforms (FSPs) are an investment in science that underpins innovation and that has the potential to help reinvent and create new industries for Australia. FSPs will grow the capability of a new generation of researchers and allow Australia to attract the best students and experts to work with us.

Hydrogen Energy Systems

Our Purpose

The Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform has been created to ensure that CSIRO has the breadth and depth of scientific and technical capability to meet the needs of the new and evolving hydrogen energy industry–one with an increasing focus on renewable energy export. The FSP plays an important role in the wider CSIRO Hydrogen RD&D program; its activities intersect with CSIRO’s engagement, strategy, applied research, and demonstration activities.

The FSP will support ongoing science delivery and technology development across the hydrogen value chain, and explore novel pathways for production, transport, and utilisation. It will work across CSIRO Business Units and with university and other collaborators, and establish strong links with international initiatives.

Our purpose: create new science, capabilities, and technologies across the emerging hydrogen value chain, supporting new Australian industries and large-scale emissions reduction.

Our Team

Dr Daniel Roberts

Leader, Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform

  • Daniel leads the Hydrogen Energy FSP on behalf of CSIRO's Energy Business Unit. Based in Brisbane, Daniel has a research background in gasification and combustion, and has led CSIRO Research Groups, Teams, and Projects for more than 15 years.
  • Daniel is supported by a multidisciplinary Technical Team from CSIRO’s Energy, Manufacturing, and Land & Water Business Units.
Dr Anna Kaksonen

Group Leader, Industrial Biotechnology

  • Anna is a Group Leader with CSIRO Land and Water, and brings much-needed expertise in biological systems, in particular how microorgansisms and biotechnological systems can be used in industrial scale applications.
Dr Jenny Hayward

Senior Research Scientist, Economic Modelling Team

  • Jenny is a senior economic modeller with Energy in our Newcastle labs, with considerable experience working across the energy sector understanding the economic aspects of new technology development and integration.
Prof Matthew Hill

Team Leader, Applied Porous Materials Team

  • Matthew is a Principal Research Scientist from CSIRO Manufacturing, with a diverse background in materials chemistry and industrial applications for novel gas or liquid separation systems built on metal organic frameworks.