Why we are doing this?

Australia has an advantage of having very large amounts of solar- and wind-based renewable energy. It can be utilised for renewable hydrogen production via liquid ammonia (NH3) pathway. Renewable ammonia importing countries can decompose it back to pure hydrogen using CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization) metal membrane technology. The membrane separates ultra-high pure hydrogen from ammonia, while blocking all other gases. Re-cracked hydrogen can be used for fuel cell vehicles and other energy applications. The assessment of the economic viability of the above-mentioned process-chain requires a techno-economic evaluation (TEE) that involves process simulation, mass and energy balances, plant sizing, capital and operating cost estimations, cash-flow and sensitivity analyses. This research presents the TEE for a hydrogen energy system and it can be used in assessing engineering, research and development impact, scale-up, and the feasibility of the production system.


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