Ortho- para hydrogen conversion Project

This project started in October 2020. In the first three months, we were targeting to setup a research collaborative agreement with UWA, which was signed by end of 2020. The next step is the advertising of PhD position which has begun. With the restrictions of international students, we are mainly targeting local candidates. An interview of a potential student has been carried out and we are awaiting confirmation of the UWA.

A mathematical program in calculating ortho- para- hydrogen equation of state has been developed. A 1-D model in predicting the kinetic, heat and mass transfer property of a plate fin heat exchanger as used for hydrogen liquification given in the following figure is being developed.

In the next stage, the PhD student will build the ortho- para- conversion testing rig and investigate the effect of the magnetitic field on the ortho- para- conversion. Based on the experimental data, a kinetic model will be developed. The kinetic model will be integrated into the 1-D plate fin model used for optimizing the heat exchanged design.


For more information, contact Dr Liangguang Tang