Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)

The CSIRO’s “South Cape” is used for monthly sampling in Tasmania. The dataset from the National Reference Station (NRS) at Maria Island spans from over 70 years ago to today.


Working with IMOS, the CSIRO Hydrochemistry teams in Hobart and Perth take monthly water samples from National Reference Stations (NRS) in Tasmania (Maria Island) and Western Australia (Rottnest Island). There are a total of 7 NRS’s in Australia after Ningaloo and Esperance were decommissioned in 2014.

Biological, chemical and physical samples and measurements are taken on these trips. Hydrochemistry analyse the water samples for Dissolved oxygen, salinity and nutrients. Our results are used for calibrating moorings and CTD measurements, as well as creating high quality, long-term data sets for these parameters.

The Hydrochemistry team in Hobart also analyse samples from the 5 other NRS’s situated around Australia. Data from these samples are freely available to the public, and used by scientists worldwide to assess changes in our natural environment.



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