RV Investigator



The RV Investigator is operated on behalf of the Australian Government by Marine National Facility (MNF). If scientists onboard are taking water samples with special interest in our analysis, the Hydrochemistry team will be there to analyse these samples immediately, leading to the highest-quality results possible for ocean samples.

The Hydrochemistry team operate a permanent laboratory onboard the RV Investigator

More information about the Hydrochemistry Laboratory


In 2018, the Hydrochemistry team published a Methods paper in Limnology and Oceanography. The paper details methods used and developed by the Hydrochemistry team for shipboard analysis of Nutrients at sea. Highlighted in the paper is the use of Hydrology Processor (HyPro) – a Quality Control program developed at the CSIRO to automate post analysis data processing. The program aims to reduce variability in results during data processing depending on operator.


Read “Methods for reproducible shipboard SFA nutrient measurement using RMNS and automated data processing”