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Graphene products

The CSIRO Graphene Team has expertise in the synthesise of range of unique and specialised forms of graphene including thin films and coatings, nanostructured powders, and solutions.

Graphene thin films- GraphAir

Patented low-cost CVD technology using soybean oil and ambient air

Which thickness?

  • Few-layer
  • Multi-layer (>10 layers)
  • Turbostratic graphite (>50 layers)

Which support material?

  • Ni foil
  • SiO2/Si
  • Polymer
  • Quartz
  • Other substrates on request

Graphene membranes

Patented anti-fouling graphene-based membrane for water desalination

Which support material?

  • PVDF
  • PTFE
  • Other substrates on request

Vertical graphene nanosheets

Plasma-synthesised high-purity nanostructure graphene flakes

Which form?

  • On substrate
  • As a powder
  • Solution/dispersion

Which support material (if on a substrate)?

  • Ni foil
  • Cu foil
  • SiO2/Si
  • Other substrates on request

Which solvent chemical (if as a solution)?

  • NMP
  • Ethanol
  • Water

If you are interested in our graphene products please contact us.