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May 2018

The CSIRO Graphene Team’s discovery of anti-fouling graphene water desalination membranes has been featured in a wide variety of Australian and international television, radio, print and online media.

ABC News 24 Weekend Breakfast – Australian scientists develop an atomic scale water filter

Seven Network Weekend SunriseIncredible Aussie Invention could save millions of lives

Network 10 Eyewitness News – Groundbreaking water filtration system makes Sydney Harbour water drinkable

iflscience.comNew Graphene Device Can Turn Polluted Seawater Into Clean Drinking Water In One Go

The Telegraph – Graphene: the wonder material that could solve the world’s water crisis

Fast Company – This Graphene Filter Makes Dirty Saltwater Drinkable

Daily Mail Australia – Could you soon drink from Sydney Harbour? Scientist develop ingenious way to purify the polluted water

The Australian – CSIRO oil delivers spoils: Earth’s toughest stuff and pure water

April 2018

Members of the CSIRO Graphene Team visited Brisbane to co-host the inaugural QUT-CSIRO Joint Laboratories Workshop on Materials Science and Engineering. Dr Timothy van der Laan, a member of the conference organising committee, played a pivotal role in bringing the conference to fruition, while Dr Michael Seo presented the team’s research.

Dr Adrian Murdock visited Brisbane as part of the EMCR Forum Executive organising committee for Science Pathways 2018, Australia’s early and mid-career researcher conference.

Dr Zhaojun Han, Dr Adrian Murdock and Dr Michael Seo have published a review article “Recent progress in plasma-assisted synthesis and modification of 2D materials” in 2D Materials. The article covers plasma-assisted synthesis and modification of graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides (such as MoS2 and WS2), hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), and related 2D materials.

March 2018

Dr Michael Seo, in collaboration with Professor Joe Shapter from Flinders University, has demonstrated the use of CSIRO’s patented GraphAir technology for counter electrode material in dye-sensitized solar cells. The work is published in FlatChem.

February 2018

CSIRO’s patented GraphAir technology has recently been used as an anti-fouling graphene-based membrane for water desalination. The laboratory scale testing demonstrated 100% salt rejection of saline water with surfactant and oil contaminants. Real-world applicability of our membrane is demonstrated by processing sea water from Sydney Harbour. The work is now available for open access at Nature Communications. To find out more visit our products page, or please contact us.

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January 2018

Dr Zhaojun Han, in collaboration with Professor Peter Bruce, Professor Patrick Grant, and Professor Nicole Grobert from The University of Oxford, has demonstrated high-frequency supercapacitors based on doped carbon nanostructures. The work is published in Carbon.