Graphene production

At CSIRO we produce a range of unique and specialised forms of graphene including thin films and coatings, nanostructured powders, and solutions.

Graphene thin films- GraphAir

CSIRO’s patented ambient-air CVD technique produces graphene films in a single step without the need for compressed gases.  A natural precursor, soybean oil, is transformed into continuous graphene films, composed of single-to-few layers, in a single step.

Our research paper, Single-step ambient-air synthesis of graphene from renewable precursors as electrochemical genosensor, is available for open access from the Nature Communications website.

Vertical graphene nanosheets

CSIRO has a long history of advancing the synthesis of vertical graphene nanosheets in a rapid, low temperature plasma process. The properties and structure of the nanosheets can be controlled and tailored for various applications. The vertical graphene nanosheets can be used as-grown on substrate, as a powder, or a solution dispersion.

This work has been published in a range of peer-reviewed journals.