How to use Graincast™ 2020

Update April 2020: You may have seen in the media that in early 2020 CSIRO licensed the exclusive global rights to the Graincast™ technology to Australian rural technology start-up Digital Agriculture Services (DAS). For the first time, farmers can see their 2019 Graincast™ results integrated with a range of other, publicly available agri, rural and climate risk insights – at no cost – on DAS’ Rural Intelligence Platform.  

However, the free, easy to use Graincast™ app for growers to monitor and forecast their soil moisture and yield is still available at All information on the app and how to use it is available on this website.  

We’ve also begun our fortnightly wheat yield forecasts for Western Australia and Australia for the 2020 growing season.

As always, your feedback and questions about Graincast™ are welcome. Complete the form hereemail us on or follow the conversation on Twitter with #Graincast. 

Getting Graincast™

Access Graincast™ at

Logging in

If you’ve used Graincast™ before, we’ve replaced the cumbersome magic link with a regular username and password. You’ll need to use the password reset feature on the Sign In page to generate a password.

If you’re a new user, Sign Up for a Graincast™ account. Your account will be activated within two business days and you will receive an email when it’s ready.


When you first start using the Graincast™ app, you will be asked to provide your consent. You can read more on consent, privacy and withdrawing here.

Selecting your paddock

You can add paddocks by clicking the white/red plus icon in the bottom left of the screen.

You can view a list of paddocks by clicking the white/red list icon next to the plus.

Clicking on a paddock name allows you to rename it.

Selecting your crops

Please check the table below to see whether the app supports last year’s crop for your location. If it doesn’t, unfortunately you won’t be able to use the app for that paddock and we suggest choosing a paddock where you grew a different crop.

Previous crop Location
Wheat All
Barley, oats, canola, Lucerne Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas, SA, WA
Chickpea, faba bean, field pea, lentil, vetch Qld, NSW, Vic, SA, WA
Lupin NSW, SA, Vic, WA
Sorghum, maize, mungbean, pasture Not supported

If last year’s crop is supported, select it and the crop you have planted or are looking to plant in the current season.


What Graincast™ tells you

You are then shown:

  • Soil moisture – the plant available water (PAW) accessible by your crop today
  • Yield potential – the forecast range of water-limited yield outcomes for this crop under best management practice. This range reflects the seasonal weather forecast.

Graincast screen shots

Adding the Graincast™ icon to your home screen

You can save the Graincast™ icon to your home screen for the next time you use it. Instructions are below.


iPhone ‘save icon to home screen’ instructions – click for larger image


Android ‘save icon to home screen’ instructions – click for larger image