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Update April 2020: You may have seen in the media that in early 2020 CSIRO licensed the exclusive global rights to the Graincast™ technology to Australian rural technology start-up Digital Agriculture Services (DAS). For the first time, farmers can see their 2019 Graincast™ results integrated with a range of other, publicly available agri, rural and climate risk insights – at no cost – on DAS’ Rural Intelligence Platform.  

However, the free, easy to use Graincast™ app for growers to monitor and forecast their soil moisture and yield is still available at All information on the app and how to use it is available on this website.  

We’ve also begun our fortnightly wheat yield forecasts for Western Australia and Australia for the 2020 growing season.

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Using your local paddock information, national high-resolution satellite and sensor data sources and CSIRO’s innovative analytics, CSIRO’s free Graincast™ app helps your crop decision-making instincts.

Graincast™ uses national weather and soils information to forecast soil moisture and yield for the grain crop planted in your paddock.

Daily rainfall, temperature and solar radiation data are sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology at 5 km resolution. Soil data are sourced from the Australian Soil and Landscape Grid. Soil water status and grain yield forecasts are calculated by the Agricultural Production Systems Simulator, APSIM®, a modular modelling framework developed to simulate biophysical process in farming systems. APSIM® contains a suite of modules that include a diverse range of crops and pastures, and soil processes including water balance and nitrogen transformations.

Graincast™ also uses material sourced from the Queensland Government.

Graincast™ gives you an estimate of the plant available moisture that day and the crop yield potential for the current season for an individual paddock or the farm as a whole at any time. It provides objective information for farmers to make better informed crop and paddock management decisions in near-real-time, like never before.

Follow the steps to register and use the app here.

See Graincast’s™ fortnightly wheat yield forecasts for Australia and Western Australia here.

For your feedback and questions about Graincast™, complete the form here or email us on