Graincast™ forecasts: ongoing, with new features in 2021

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Graincast's forecasts can be made any time from April to harvest and at any scale from paddock to region to state to national.

Using innovative analytics, CSIRO’s Graincast™ forecasting technology can forecast grain production at any scale from paddock to region to state to national. Each fortnight during the grain growing season, we provide select forecasts of Australia’s wheat yield, at no cost. In 2021 we’ve added some bells and whistles with maps of soil water, water-limited yield forecasts and their uncertainty, and state specific forecasts. Graincast’s™ forecasting capability is an Australian first.

Daily rainfall, temperature and solar radiation data are sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology at 202 selected high quality observation stations. Soil data are sourced from the Australian Soil and Landscape Grid and matched to these weather stations. Soil water status and water-limited grain yield forecasts are calculated by the Agricultural Production Systems Simulator, APSIM®, a modular modelling framework developed to simulate biophysical process in farming systems. APSIM® contains a suite of modules that include a diverse range of crops and pastures, and soil processes including water balance and nitrogen transformations. We also use statistical analysis of past annual yields data to convert water-limited yield potential into actual yields achieved at national and state levels.

How do I get the Graincast™ forecasts?

Graincast™ app: discontinued, but now part of something bigger

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You may have heard about or been using the Graincast™ app, which used local paddock information and CSIRO’s analytics to estimate paddock specific soil moisture and crop yield in real time.

We are no longer providing Graincast™ as an app but we hope it helped you make better on-farm decisions while it was available. Graincast™ provided paddock-level yield forecasts for over 400 farmers, agronomists and sticky beaks during its four years of operation. And it won a state-level award at the Australian Information Industry Association’s iAwards competition.

In early 2020, CSIRO licensed the exclusive global rights to the Graincast™ smarts behind the app to Australian rural technology start-up Digital Agriculture Services (DAS). Although the app is no longer available, DAS has incorporated the Graincast™ technology in their Rural Intelligence Platform™, where for the first time, farmers can see their Graincast™ results integrated with a range of other, publicly available agri, rural and climate risk insights, at no cost.

The Graincast™ app enabled the Australian grain growing industry to utilise breakthrough Australian science, and now it’s evolved into something even bigger.

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