Conference presentations


Fegan, Narelle. The application of metagenomics for improving control of foodborne zoonoses. One Health European Joint Programme Conference (1st annual); Dublin, Ireland. 22-24 May, 2019.

Fegan, Narelle. Science and the future of microbiology. AIFST Convention; Sydney, Australia. 1-2 July, 2019.


Fox, Ed. The next food ingredient – determining how processing waste streams can be utilised for new foods. Active Ingredient Matter Conference; Melbourne, Australia. 20-22 February, 2018.

Duffy, Lesley. Survival of Campylobacter through poultry processing.ASM National Meeting; Brisbane, Australia. 1-4 July, 2018.

Chen, Stanley; Fegan, Narelle; Kocharunchitt, Chawalit; Bowman, John; Duffy, Lesley. Metagenomic profile of the bacterial community structure on poultry carcasses throughout a factory processing line. ASM National Meeting; Brisbane, Australia. 1-4 July, 2018

Olivier, Sandra. Turning down the heat with high pressure, thermal synergy for enhanced spore inactivation and product quality benefits. IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo; Chicago, USA. 15-17 July, 2019.

Fegan, Narelle; Jenson, Ian. A coming revolution in food safety risk assessment and management. 64th International Congress of Meat Science and Technology (ICoMST); Melbourne, Australia.12-17 August, 2018.

Fegan, Narelle. Food Safety R&D & Innovation – Building the case for change. APAC Food Safety Conference; Melbourne, Australia. 22-23 August, 2018

Chandry, Scott. Use of whole genome sequencing from a meat industry perspective. AIFST Convention; Melbourne, Australia. 11-12 September, 2018