Where we’ve come from

A collaborative journey

EASI’s story is one of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to advancing Earth Observation and geospatial data capabilities. The journey began as a powerful collaboration between CSIRO, Geoscience Australia, and the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI). Together, they forged a path to innovation by creating the Open Data Cube. This ground-breaking initiative was designed to unlock the potential of Earth Observation data and democratise access to invaluable geospatial insights. It served as a catalyst for EASI’s evolution.

As EASI began to take shape, the collaboration expanded to include other vital partners. Notably, it extended its reach to major space agencies through the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites. This expansion was pivotal in enhancing EASI’s capabilities and connecting it to a global network of Earth Observation and other geospatial and scientific resources.

The EASI Evolution

EASI has become a powerful and adaptable platform at the forefront of Earth Observation science and innovation. It harnessed the advantages of the Open Data Cube while embracing recent developments in global geospatial and Earth observation data distribution.

EASI combined these technological advances with CSIRO’s rich scientific expertise and state-of-the-art tools in Cloud computing, like Kubernetes and Dask for high-performance, high-scalability processing. The result is a highly adaptable science and data analysis platform capable of continental-scale data analysis, promising increased productivity, cost-efficiency, and accelerated innovation.

Where we’re going

EASI’s Mission

EASI’s mission is to support scientific research and development at the forefront of Earth Observation and geospatial data analysis and to see that innovation have impact in industry, government and academia gloablly. EASI is a platform built by innovators and used by innovators at CSIRO and our collaborators in industry and government around the world. The dynamic, on-demand tailoring of computation, eased access to global data sources and advanced data analytics software tools have dramatically increased scientific productivity and quality.

Our Vision of the Future

EASI will continue to evolve as the needs for greater insight on the worlds most challenging problems place more pressure on our scientific understanding of the complexities of our world. As our science teams and collaborators push the boundaries and data volumes continue to increase, EASI will be there to assist them in gaining insight and providing actionable information industry and government can use.

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