CSIRO’s EASI platform is a powerful combination of analytics tools, data, and flexible computation that processes satellite imagery from paddock to planet scale.

Building upon the Open Data Cube, EASI unlocks the potential of Earth observation data to change how we understand and manage our planet, helping you to tackle complex global challenges, from climate analysis to resource management.

EASI takes care of data storage, computing infrastructure, and data acquisition – so you can focus on making tools to inform the decisions that matter.

EASI simplifies the data discovery and integration process, meaning you have a world of data at your fingertips, and insight is only an algorithm away.

Data Access

EASI is built using Open Data Cube, an open-source index with a wide array of Earth observation and geospatial data sets available. This is combined with data from sensors and private libraries to ensure maximum coverage.

This means that you can skip costly and time-intensive data acquisition and get straight to analysis.

Users are able to interact with this vast data in ‘cubes’, rather than millions of files, fast-tracking analysis over different regions and time periods.

EASI provides accurate, analysis-ready data, allowing you to get straight to decision making.

Have your own data? No problem! Integration into EASI is simple.

Scalable Cloud Computing

EASI is powered by cloud computing. This means you can access petabytes of openly available Earth observation data without the costly overheads of local storage and processing.

EASI supports a wide variety of computational infrastructure supporting simple desktop style computing through to HPC and large scale Machine Learning clusters.

When accessing EASI, you are able to select the compute power required for the task on-demand, or at a specific price point.

This means that virtually no matter the job, you’ll have access to the infrastructure you need, and can manage it cost effectively.

The dynamic nature of the computing infrastructure can be harnessed in automated workflows as well as interactively by users. This greatly enhances productivity and efficiency of resource usage.

Access to CSIRO’s best-in-class researchers

Even the best data is meaningless without the expertise to back it up.

When you use EASI, you’re also getting access to world-leading researchers from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

We bring our scientific expertise and validated algorithmic processes to EASI customers.

Whether you need support with onboarding, troubleshooting, or getting the most out of the platform, we’re here to help.

AI and Machine Learning Support

EASI has access to state of the art Machine learning platforms and technologies in the Cloud.

The EASI software and workflow environment includes support for the most advanced AI/ML libraries and models.

CSIRO’s AI and Machine Learning experts use EASI themselves to integrate Earth Observation and ground truth data to build advanced decision support tools in a wide range of application areas including water quality, climate, agriculture and fire risk.