Long Term Tracking

Long-term and large-scale tracking has a broad range of applications’ that include; livestock tracking, wildlife tracking and management of disease risks. Wireless sensor network technology has enabled us to track location and activity of animals at a high spatio-temporal resolution.  Domain Scientists  have been using radio-frequency tags for animal location tracking for decades. However, downloading data from the tags is either labour intensive or expensive. The process of downloading data from animals can be automated by deploying a fixed network of wireless receiver stations, base nodes or gateways. These nodes and gateways download and forward data from nearby animals to a central server. Many animals exhibit nomadic behaviour and can roam vast areas where sparse distribution of gateway nodes results in rare opportunities for wireless communication. Animal tag technology needs to use local data buffering and delay-tolerant network algorithms to be able to collect meaningful datasets.

A key motivating application for this research has been continental scale tracking of flying foxes, as part of the national flying fox monitoring program. Given that the animals are highly mobile, the research challenge is around delay-tolerant and near-perpetual operation, using solar panels to replenish energy at each node. Within the program, we deployed base stations across the continent covering an area with a perimeter of 10,000 km (see map below). The animals tend to return regularly to these locations, where we can offload data that is collected while they’re away.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.41.02 am


The main research challenge for this project was to maximise information quality of tracked trajectories subject to fixed energy budgets determined by how much energy each solar panel harvests. We proposed an energy- and mobility- aware tracking framework that projects likely movements for each animal in-situ and adapts the acceptable tracking error to maximise trajectory quality subject to energy constraints. This work is the core of a patent and our recent paper at EWSN that won the best paper award. The video below shows a sample trajectory from one of the tracked flying foxes over the city of Adelaide in South Australia, with 1Hz GPS tracking for all the periods when movement is detected through accelerometers on the Camazotz tracking devices



The same tracking technology was used to track ibis in Sydney botanic gardens, livestock in northern Australia, deer in India, and many other species across Australia.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.00.15 am

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