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We regularly supervise PhD, Masters, and undergraduate students, in partnership with Universities across Australia and Internationally. Prospective PhD students at Australian Universities are eligible to apply for a Data61 scholarship with us, which provides a stipend and/or a top-up to students for the duration of their PhD. Interested applicants should explore the Group’s Research and Projects pages before contacting us to discuss possible supervision.


UNSW + CSIRO Industry PhD Scholarship on Leveraging IoT and Blockchain for Transforming Construction Operations

The UNSW + CSIRO PhD Scholarship Scheme is an elite industry-focused research program that aims to provide an innovation and industry-focussed 4-year applied research training experience that gives graduates a competitive advantage across a broad range of future career paths. This program has been developed to help bridge the ‘research-industry divide’ in Australia and create research and innovation leaders of the future who are work ready, understand the needs of industry and have the know-how to collaborate with others.
Project Summary:
The construction industry is ripe for disruption, greater transparency in supply chains is much needed, paperwork is still predominant, and as building components increasingly become ‘intelligent’ there is need for new mechanisms to manage the increasingly complex inter-organisational interactions. This PhD project aims to develop a blockchain-based framework which will provide a trustworthy infrastructure for information management during all building life-cycle stages. The decentralised, permissionless and censorship resistant approach of blockchain technology opens up new ways to track the flow of materials, contracts and payments in supply chains.
This project will design a holistic framework for recording value exchange, administering self-executing smart contracts to trigger progress payment claims between stakeholders along the construction value chain, and combining them to form a decentralised autonomous organisation, certifying proof of existence for specific data (e.g. identity) and transparent regulation checks. Our framework will integrate with Internet of Things (IoT) devices for automation and validation of various processes. A complete implementation will be developed and evaluated.
Industy Partner: Ynomia – Ynomia is on a mission to help close construction’s digital divide. Ynomia is developing the next generation of construction productivity and safety tools.
The scholarship includes:
·  $40K a year stipend for four years (tax-free)
·  Minimum 6 month industry internship
·  Coaching and mentoring will form a critical part of your highly personalised career and professional development plan
There is additional travel allowance for conference presentations supported by the School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW.
The PhD research student will work with a team comprised of Associate Professor Salil Kanhere (CSE, UNSW), Prof. Raja Jurdak (Data61 CSIRO) and industry experts from Ynomia. Further information can be obtained from Associate Professor Salil Kanhere ( or Professor Raja Jurdak (
The candidate will be based at CSIRO’s Data61 Pullenvale campus in Brisbane and will be expected to travel occasionally to the UNSW Kensington Campus in Sydney. The industry internship will be at the Ynomia offices in Melbourne. The candidate is expected to start in February 2019.
This scheme is only open to domestic applicants (i.e., Australian or NZ Permanent Residents or Citizens).
Further information on the UNSW-CSIRO Industry PhD  scheme and application process is available at:
Interested candidates should email their CV and transcripts to Salil ( and Raja (