New patent awarded: Object monitoring system (BLEAT)

October 16th, 2019

On 19 Sep 2019, our team has been officially awarded the ‘Object monitoring system’ patent (App No: 2019213347).

This great achievement concedes us the intellectual property of an object monitoring system including a plurality of location beacons, each location beacon being configured to generate a location broadcast message indicative of a beacon location and a tag associated with a respective object in use.

The includes a tag memory configured to store object rules, a tag transceiver configured to transmit or receive messages and a tag processing device configured to determine context data at least partially indicative of a tag context by at least one of determining a tag location in accordance with at least one location broadcast message received via the tag transceiver from at least one of a plurality of location beacons and using stored context data, use the object rules and the context data to identify a trigger event, determine an action associated with the trigger event and cause the action to be performed. 

To learn more, read about our work in Bluetooth Low Energy Aware Tracking (BLEAT).

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