The Distributed Sensing Systems Group focuses its research on algorithms and methods that underpin large scale and long-term deployment of sensor networks to form an Internet of Things. More specifically, we build end-to-end data collection and analytics systems to solve domain challenges across remote, large scale environments. We solve these problems by applying our expertise in the following areas:

  • Scalable Energy-Aware Sensing: ensures that energy-constrained systems can match the energy input from harvesting sources; we achieve strong impact through commercialization of our technology, for example, smart ear-tag cattle technology commercialized by Ceres Tag and bluetooth localization technology commercialized by Ynomia
  • Ubiquitous AI is a key research area develops lightweight machine learning algorithms for energy constrained devices, driven by the communications bandwidth and energy limitations of IoT devices. We are applying the technology to monitor cattle grazing activities (eGrazor) and innovating marine surveillance through AI.
  • Trusted sensing: as more sensing devices are deployed in the world at large scale, the issues of trust, audibility, and traceability increase in importance. We have developed CSIRO’s Internet of Things (IoT) application enablement and data management cloud-based platform called Senaps and are extending the platform with data trust framework.

Traces of flying foxes that are tracked with our Camazotz long-term tracking nodes, from all across Australia, as part of the National Flying Fox Monitoring Program


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