Integrate BoM’s current 7-day forecast for any location in Australia into your offering

March 25th, 2020

Farmers are constantly discussing about the weather, which coupled with climate, are both crucial to maximising farming performance. Having the right information, at the right time, can help farmers make the right decision.

Until recently, it was difficult to access the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather and climate data in online tools. However, by utilising Senaps, the Ag Climate Data Shop products make it possible to take the BOM’s historical, real-time or forecast data and apply cutting-edge analytics, making a tailored forecast available for any specific location in Australia, in real-time.

Rainfall on the plains near Balaklava, South Australia. Mt Lofty Ranges can be seen in the left background. 1992.

Senaps, our data and analytics services, provide the underlying capability to deliver products in the Ag Climate Data Shop. This capability also allows you to build and deliver new tools and apps for your customers by value-adding these underlying models and data with your IP.

It can be used for agriculture, such as forecasting pasture growth, but there are many other possibilities. The forecasting capability can be added to any weather station in Australia, making it extremely useful for those in the business of building digital tools for agriculture, agribusiness or anything else. If you are interested in displaying the weather forecast as part of your tool, visit the Ag Climate Data Shop and discover how you can.

Over time, the Ag Climate Data Shop will provide further real-time model/data products for the AgTech industry that we are supporting, such as degree growing days or pasture growth forecasts.

Contact the Ag Climate Data Shop to learn more.

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