Have you heard of Senaps, our IoT Platform?

October 8th, 2019

After 10 years in the make, the Senaps’ highly flexible framework for getting data in, analysing and distributing it via user-facing applications, leveraging the power of built-in security, data storage and APIs to fuel data-driven decisions is now available.

Senaps is being used by agtech company Ceres Tag as their data management platform to connect all sensor data with their partners who develop end-user facing applications. The open APIs and sophisticated authorisation models allow Ceres Tag to work with a suite of partners, who will all access overlapping the subsets of data and analytics to target their specific customer segments and use cases.

Senaps, along with the Smart Ear Tags produce data insights that give producers greater control over grazing management, allowing them to locate livestock remotely and alert them to stock theft, illness or if an animal is giving birth.

Check-out senaps.comĀ to learn all about this IoT platform and how it can benefit your business or research project.

For more information, contact the Senaps team.



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