Our 6G Security and Privacy Seminars

November 28th, 2022

This seminar series is part of the 6G Security Research and Development Program conducted on behalf of the Australian Government – Department of Home Affairs. The Program aims to conduct foundational research into the security requirements of 6G technologies, and shape the development of 6G telecommunications standards internationally.

Sixth-generation (6G) networks are expected to exhibit more heterogeneity (be even more diverse) than 5G and are likely to support applications beyond current mobile use scenarios, such as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), ubiquitous instant communications, pervasive intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, 6G networks will have to cope with diverse threats in a space-air-ground integrated network environment, novel technologies, and an accessible user information explosion. Moreover, mitigating security and privacy issues for 6G would require profound discussions about what might be the suitable security by-design policies to drive the standardisation of  6G networks.

Aiming to grow Australian cybersecurity capacity and capability and be ready with a resilient roadmap for 6G, we introduce this seminar series around 6G security and privacy. The seminar series aims to invite national and international distinguished guest speakers with expertise across various relevant areas of the security and privacy of 5G/6G, including from academia and industries.  We will open this series to the public for better inclusion of our researchers, industry practitioners and government agencies.

Seminar Outlines and focus:

  • A roadmap to 6G privacy and security (6GPS)
  • Security solutions within network softwarisation and network virtualisation for 6G
  • 5G security and privacy issues and their implications on 6G
  • Driving the standardisation and design of 6G
  • Regulation, Policy and communication standards from a security standpoint
  • AI/ML spectrum management and adversarial radio characterisation
  • The network security architecture of 6G
  • Security and privacy in Connected Intelligence for 6G: Distributed learning, edge intelligence, intelligent communication, intelligent routing, intelligent optimisation and analytics
  • The threat landscape and modelling for 6G
  • (Post-quantum) cryptography for 6G
  • Required 6G security services and hardware for digital twin, Smart Grid 2.0, distributed ledger technology, Industry5.0, wireless BCI, connected robotics, UAV and autonomous driving.
  • Software supply chain security and vulnerabilities within the 5G/6G context
  • Firmware security within 5G/6G



Project Lead (Dr. Sharif Abuadbba) and Co-lead (Dr. Chandra Thapa)

Timeframe: The seminar will kick off in Feb 2023. It will be running bi-monthly for the first year.