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Our Research

The Human-Centric Security team is working on applying human factors and AI to build human-centric cybersecurity solutions. The team aims to address evolving security challenges emerging at the intersections of human, IoT, AI/ML and quantum with continuous improvement design (instead of security by design). Considering this science challenge, the team focuses on the application of human factors and AI to build human-centric cybersecurity solutions. The combination of human factors and AI is a novel science area that can assist in targeting cybersecurity capacity building, enhancing cybersecurity experience, and enabling digital inclusion to allow humans and machines to work together in an efficient way. Our team focuses on three key science challenges. 

Our team understands that humans are integral in the cybersecurity chain, and as such, we need to step in to mitigate the inherent threats and risk introduced by humans. To help us achieve our team mission and vision, we have two sub-teams: Human Machine Collaboration for Cybersecurity, led by Mohan Baruwal Chhetri, and Human-Centered AI and Cybersecurity, led by Kristen Moore. 

Our Vision

With many recent data breaches and cybersecurity events, cyber safety and the security and technology systems are front of mind. Users of technology are often not adequately educated or prepared in terms of how to respond when they fall victim to a cyber incident. This leaves users confused and scared when data breaches and other security incidents occur. Our vision is to use human factors (including demographical factors, behavioural indicators and physiological aspects) and combine this with the computational and predictive nature of AI to build cybersecurity solutions that are human-centric, i.e., considering and adapting to the needs and behaviours of the human actors. We aim to use technology advances such as AI to work with humans on improving their understanding and perception of cybersecurity and privacy matters. This will increase the overall cybersecurity literacy and support the enforcement of a stronger cybersecurity culture. We focus on: 

  • explainable security — enabling users to understand how security work and what role they should play in the security process,  
  • human-centric security and privacy in technology — enabling users to understand how they can securely make use of technology, emerging and current, and  
  • human-centric cybersafety — enabling users to make safe and responsible use of technology) 

The Human-Centric Security team is working towards being recognised as one of the top five teams in the world in applying human factors and AI to build human-centric cybersecurity solutions in the next five years. 

Meet the Team

Leadership Team


Dr Marthie Grobler
Team Leader, Principal Research Scientist

Dr Mohan Baruwal Chhetri
Senior Research Scientist

Dr Kristen Moore
Senior Research Scientist

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Seminar Series

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