Social dimensions: why do they matter for (digital) innovation in agriculture?

May 4th, 2018

Dr Simon Fielke, Digiscape social dimensions project

Dr Simon Fielke, Digiscape social dimensions project

A ‘5 minutes of science’ presentation by Simon Fielke, Digiscape Postdoctoral Fellow, Institutional change and digital agriculture, in Digiscape’s social dimensions project.

Why do we want innovation?

  • Innovation can increase economic benefits of agricultural research – classic return on investment
  • More importantly the process allows for discussion of systemic socio-environmental consequences

What is innovation in agricultural innovation systems?

  • Innovation is not a product
  • The social process is as important to achieving a vision
  • This increasingly involves the facilitation of transdisciplinary approaches

What hinders this approach?

  • Success is not guaranteed – innovation can be serendipitous
  • It is resource intensive (time, energy, interaction, engagement) upfront

What are the benefits?

  • Stakeholder networks share ownership
  • As a result visions evolve
  • Impacts are greater – longer lasting and potentially transformational.

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