Science Wednesday: digital shrimp

March 2nd, 2022

Today’s paper and video give an overview of the technologies and techniques developed in the Digiscape Aquaculture project, published by Ashfaqur Rahman, Mingze Xi and colleagues in Experimental Aquaculture. Managing water quality well is a necessary component of growing prawns, and that was the main target of the team’s research.

The paper is a great example of something we’ve learnt in Digiscape, which is that it’s “all about the workflow”. The true value of our application projects lies in the integration of the sensing, analytics and visualization components that the CSIRO team have developed.

That said, the Aquaculture project’s components are excellent tech in their own right:

  • Persuading sensors to persist in the hostile environment of saline aquaculture ponds was a challenge for Joel Dabrowski,
  • Machine-learning-based analytics for forecasting water quality conditions that will hinder prawn growth with enough lead time to allow mitigation actions to be taken; an
  • the use of augmented reality, both for on-the-spot water quality data capture and as a way of discussing the state of the farm