Our updated carbon farming tool helping farmers learn more about their carbon market options

December 22nd, 2020

Farmers can now better understand the potential opportunities from carbon-reducing activities using our online tool. The LOOC-C (‘Look See’) online app gives farmers detailed assessments of how their land and farming practices could be eligible for rebates under the Climate Solutions Fund (CSF).

The newest update of the tool now includes measurement of soil carbon and beef cattle herd management.

LOOC-C gives estimates of abatement quantity for CSF methods in Australian Carbon Credit Units for specific land areas, like a paddock, and is consistent with the latest version of the National Carbon Accounting Model, which is used to estimate land sector carbon emissions.

The aim of the tool is to help farmers and land managers participate profitably in greenhouse gas mitigation and maximise the benefits to the land from carbon markets. It’s unique and the quickest way of finding out what carbon farming options are available for a farm and what the benefits might be.

The app can be accessed at https://looc-c.farm/.

Read more about LOOC-C and its updates here.

We’ve also developed a digital service allowing access to the app’s data streams for ag-tech companies and carbon service providers to add value to their products and services. Contact Peter Fitch to discuss.

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  • Peter is a principal research scientist, research leader and manager with over 20 years research, industry leadership and management experience. He leads Digiscape’s carbon farming work.