February 17th, 2015

All organisations need to comply with legislation or codes of conduct. These tend to be complex, and it is a difficult manual process to rule out inconsistencies, tautologies, dead ends and repetitions. In 2014, the annual compliance cost to Australian businesses reached $249 billion.
regorous image (1)

To cut through the maze of regulations, Data61 previously developed prototype technology called Regorous to automate tedious and repetitive manual processes while increasing assurance that business processes are designed to be compliant with regulatory frameworks. The platform can streamline the compliance checking of public and private sector processes.


The underlying technology is Defeasible Deontic Logic which maps rules and regulations, as well as a company’s business processes, into equations. This means that from the planning stage onwards, Regorous compares processes and rules, enabling organisations to:

  • identify and fix process compliance issues before deployment
  • automatically report on compliance
  • rapidly check compliance when processes or regulations change.

Regorous handles obligations, permissions, and prohibitions, including the ability to reason with violations. A successful trial with an ISP ensured compliance with consumer complaints handling processes.


Data61 is seeking to engage with industry and government on technology concepts related to this platform.

People: Mark Staples, Guido Governatori