Data61 Evacuation Planner

February 17th, 2015

Data61 Evacuation Planner is an intelligent system for integrated evacuation planning. In a nutshell, the tool pulls information from raw databases containing the detailed road network (e.g., via Open Street Maps), population census, threat scenarios, and preprocesses the data to display it to the planners via the web interface. Planners are able to manipulate the data and define the evacuation network (which can be a simplified or reduced version of the road network). Planners can then specify the areas that need to be evacuated, as well as the safe areas and shelters. This information is saved in a database and can be combined to produce an evacuation instance which is then used as input to the evacuation optimisation module. The resulting evacuation plans are then presented to the planner who can then iterate the process, refining the selection of residential zones, evacuation roads, and threat scenarios.

Data61 Evacuation Planner is not currently online but is deployable on any machine with an internet connection. However it requires creating a database and setting up a few tools first.

Research unit: Environmental and Societal Resilience
Reference: Caroline Even, Victor Pillac, Pascal Van Hentenryck. Data61 Evacuation Planner: Actionable Evacuation Plans with Contraflows.Proceedings of the Prestigious Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2014 (PAIS2014), Prague, Czech Republic, pp. 1143-1148, August, 2014.