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Intelligent Transport Systems

Posted by: data61

February 11, 2015

Communities spend tens of billions of dollars every year on transportation. Data61 is playing a central role in the application of ICT to transport, making transportation safer, more productive and environmentally friendly.

CITI: Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative

Intelligent Transport Logistics Diagram

Data61’s Approach


  • Cooperative intersection collision avoidance systems
  • Weather, work zone and rest area advisories
  • Calibration of network models through a world-first freight vehicle C-ITS test-bed, based in the Illawarra region of NSW, linking 3 intersections over a 42km route and involving 30 trucks.


Industry Engagement

The CITI project is managed by Data61, conceived by Transport for NSW, and working with academia and private industry.



  • Reducing the risk of collision
  • Increasing transport efficiency.


Data Driven ITS: Deriving transport intelligence from sensors


Data61’s ApproachDataDrivenITS-diagram

Using Data61’s Machine Learning expertise to:

  • Combine traffic and transport data from all available sensors
  • Develop data driven models for planning and operations that span large spatio-temporal scales
  • Incorporate new sensor types without the need to rebuild models from scratch.


Industry Engagement and Impact

Working with Australian Roads agencies to deliver better and more timely information:

  • Enabling travellers to make more informed travel choices
  • Enabling planners and decision makers to develop robust fact-based transportation models.

Download the Intelligent Transport Systems brochure.