Intelligent Fleet Logistics – Improving Customer Profitability

February 10th, 2015

Is this your business?


  • Your customer base is large and varied
  • Your spend on domestic transport is significant


Are these your key concerns?


  • You need to know who your profitable customers are
  • You want to make all customers profitable
  • Your distribution network is determined by a small number of large customers


Do you need to better understand…


  • How customers affect each other’s profitability?
  • What is the most profitable customer base?
  • How to maximise profit by changing customer servicing?


Case Study: Tip Top Bakeries


  • One of Australia’s largest bread suppliers
  • Analysed inter-dependency of 20,000 customers
  • Improved Gross Profit After Distribution by 7%
  • Reduced distribution costs by 14%

“Data61’s Cost-to-Serve tool provided actionable insight which allowed us to deliver significant operational efficiencies and improved profitability. …”
Anisa Makalic, Head of Supply Chain Development, George Weston Foods, owners of Tip Top Bakeries.

Download the Intelligent Fleet Logistics – Improving Customer Profitability brochure.