High Performance Imaging

February 17th, 2015

We use high performance imaging techniques hyper-spectral, high-dynamic range, high-speed, to deliver advanced capabilities for the analysis of the scene. We employ new camera technologies to capture image data in and beyond what is apparent to the naked eye. We focus on R&D targeting the broad vision market making use of a combination of photometric and statistical techniques.



A General Processing Pipeline for Spectral Data
CVRG has developed a pipeline for processing spectral images that has the following features:

  • Is not reliant on vendor-specific cameras.
  • Does not make assumptions of what type of material is being classified.
  • Can automatically analyse scenes without the need for domain experts.
  • The spectral data is highly compressed reducing storage requirements.
  • The data is organised in quantities that “makes sense” in physical terms.

Why High Performance Imaging?
It can deliver advanced recognition capabilities for applications such as agriculture, biosciences, health and surveillance. Advanced digital photography, multimedia features.

Research Excellence @ CVRG

  • We have published over 80 publications and a book on imaging spectroscopy for scene analysis.
  • We hold a family of patents in the area.
  • We serve as members of the technical committees and editorial boards of top-tier journals/conferences.
  • We work with international and domestic academic and commercial collaborators in a multidisciplinary environment.