BusPlus – Public Transport Innovation

February 10th, 2015

Off-peak public transport is frequently inefficient, poorly utilised and expensive to deliver. Data61 has designed a “hub and shuttle” off-peak public transport option that provides improved service regardless of where you go, is convenient and reduces carbon emissions.


Data61’s Approach

  • A new weekend service
  • Establish “hubs” in community / shopping centres
  • Buses run frequently between hubs (every 15 minutes)
  • Taxis shuttle passengers between their local bus stop and their nearest hub
  • Bus and taxi legs all in the one ticket
  • Users book via a website, phone or by downloading the app
  • Book up to 15 minutes before travel
  • Passengers can specify “depart after” or “arrive before” time
  • System plans the whole route – pickup at your local stop, bus travel, and a taxi waiting at the other end to complete the journey
  • Passengers may share taxis – up to three passengers per taxi
  • Minibuses can also be used as shuttles.



  • Faster travel times
  • Reliable timetables across a broad region
  • Social equity: improve access for all citizens to employment, social, cultural, and sporting life of the community
  • Hubs concentrate demand, increasing efficiency of buses
  • Buses only used where demand is greatest
  • Taxi fleet adapts to variable demand
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Complements light rail.

Industry Engagement

Working with the ACT Government towards a trial in 2015.

Download the BusPlus Brochure.