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E. J. Hill, A. Fabris, Y. Uvarova & C. Tiddy, 2021.
Improving geological logging of drill holes using geochemical data and data analytics for mineral exploration in the Gawler Ranges, South Australia, Australian Journal of Earth Sciences. (open access)

Hill, E. J., Pearce, M. A. & Stromberg, J. M., 2021.
Improving automated geological logging of drill holes by incorporating multiscale methods. Mathematical Geosciences, 53(1), 21-53 (open access)

Hill, E. J. & Uvarova, Y., 2018.
Identifying the nature of lithogeochemical boundaries in drill holes. Journal of Geochemical Exploration 184, 167-178.

Le Vaillant, M. L.; Hill, E. J. & Barnes, S. J., 2017.
Simplifying drill-hole domains for 3D geochemical modelling: An example from the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposit. Ore Geology Reviews 90, 388-398.

Wilde, A.; Hill, E. J.; Schmid, S. & Taylor, W. R., 2017.
Wavelet Tessellation and its Application to Downhole Gamma Data from the Manyingee & Bigrlyi Sandstone-Hosted Uranium Deposits. AIG Journal 2017-001 11 pp.

Hill, E. J.; Robertson, J. & Uvarova, Y., 2015.
Multiscale hierarchical domaining and compression of drill hole data. Computers & Geosciences 79, 47-57.

CSIRO Reports

Spinks, Sam; Soerensen, Camilla; Thorne, Robert; Ryan, Chris; Moorhead, Gareth; Noble, Ryan; Pearce, Mark; Fox, David; Hill, June; White, Alistair; Brant, Felicity, 2018.
Geochemical and sedimentological characterization of the Proterozoic Blue Billy Formation shale-hosted Zn-Pb mineralization; Edmund Basin, Western Australia.

Stokes, Jon ; Noble, Ryan ; Hill, June; Olierook, Hugo, 2018.
Differentiating domains for CO2 sequestration at Harvey-3 via integration of geochemistry, spectral mineralogy, facies modelling and wavelet tessellation analysis.

Stromberg, Jessica; Spinks, Sam; Pearce, Mark, 2019.
Geochemical Stratigraphy of the Neoarchean Lower and Middle Fortescue Group, Western Australia.

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