Project Team

Meet the members of the Data Mosaic Team

Project Leader

  • June is a Principal Research Scientist with expertise in mathematical geosciences and structural geology. She is the inventor of the Data Mosaic method.
  • Jess is a Senior Research Scientist and geoscientist with expertise in spectral data ranging from the X-ray to far-infrared. She is interested in improving the workflows in which we collect and integrate these datasets.
  • Becki is a Research Scientist with expertise in multi-disciplinary geoscientific data integration, structural and economic geology, geophysics, and geochemistry using machine learning.

Dr Catherine Spaggiari

  • Catherine is a structural geologist who specializes in applying multi-disciplinary geological methods to solve geological problems
  • Fang is a research scientist in the Geoscience Analytics team. His expertise is in applying machine learning, data analysis and thermodynamic modelling in ore deposit formations and explorations.
Sam Bradley

Sam Bradley

  • Sam is a senior software engineer specialising in web development, integration and software architecture. He is the developer of the Data Mosaic Web Application.

Dr Morgan Williams

  • Morgan is a geochemist, data scientist and research software engineer specializing in developing solutions for processing and visualization of microanalytical data.

Alex Hunt

  • Alex is a Senior Software Engineer working on the Data Mosaic Web Application. He specialises in Backend Development, Integration, and Software Architecture

Business Development

Farrell Creado

  • Farrell is part of the Customer team in CSIRO supporting the Discovery program and assists the Data Mosaic team with customer engagement, business development, and one-CSIRO market opportunities