Continuous wavelet transform and tessellation

A wavelet transform (left) is applied to each variable (left middle) to provide multiscale analysis of data. Machine learning is applied to classify samples (right middle) and multiscale domains (right).

  • Data Mosaic provides rapid, reliable interpretation of drill hole data.
  • Designed by geologists for geologists, it provides a simple, intuitive interface for applying sophisticated mathematical and machine learning methods to your data.
  • Incorporation of spatial information reduces misclassification and allows easy upscaling of results.
  • Multiscale results provide geological information for generating 3D models at any scale – from large scale geology models down to detailed orebody models.

Who is it for?

Anyone who collects, manages or uses geoscience data from mineral exploration drilling (e.g. geochemistry, mineralogy, downhole geophysics, assays).